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25th San Mateo

A guest bedroom with a bathroom was added on the first level providing comfort and privacy for visitors, while the open kitchen and family room on the second level offers a spacious and inclusive gathering area for daily activities. The connection between the family room and the terrace through a bi-fold door enhances the overall living experience by extending the living space outdoors.


Choosing the layout of an open kitchen connected to the family room promotes a sense of togetherness and allows for easier interaction between family members or guests. This configuration creates a versatile and multifunctional space, ideal for both daily activities and entertaining.


The addition of a master bedroom on the third level adds another layer of privacy and serves as a haven within the home. This dedicated space was used as the master bedroom, providing comfort and isolation from the rest of the house.

Integrating the new additions with the existing home, I create a cohesive and harmonious living environment. It is a space that combines functionality, aesthetics and a perfect connection between the interior and exterior.

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